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Midwest Soarring Harvest Pow Wow in the Chicago area

Donate To The Pow Wow Fund

To ensure the Pow Wow is a success, there are many different levels of giving. Read more about The Harvest Pow Wow levels of sponsorship or direct sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Program

Eagle - $5,000.00
Bear - $2500.00
Hawk - $1000.00

Direct Sponsorship Opportunities

Direct sponsorship opportunities include the following categories. For more details and other opportunities call 773.585.8613

  • Head Drum
  • Invited Drums
  • Sound System
  • Storyteller
  • Head Male Dancer
  • Head Female Dancer
  • Dancer Honorarium
  • Children's Crafts
  • Volunteer Refreshments
  • Volunteer T Shirts
  • Saturday Evening Dinner
  • Saturday Evening Entertainment


Select your choice to donate to the general pow wow fund, for a specific sponsorship program level (Eagle,Bear, Hawk, etc.), or direct sponsorship opportunity.

Thank you for your donation.


NOTE: If you wish to pay with your credit card and no "Credit / Debit Card" option is presented by Paypal, enter any email address (e.g. credit@msf.org) into the paypal email field and click "continue". This seems to be a quirk in PayPal."


Harvest Pow Wow in the Chicago Area Harvest Pow Wow in the Chicago Area

Harvest Pow Wow
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