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Midwest Soarring Harvest Pow Wow in Naperville, IL

Donate To The Pow Wow Fund

To ensure the Pow Wow is a success, there are many different levels of giving. Read more about The Harvest Pow Wow levels of sponsorship or direct sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Program

Eagle - $5,000.00
Bear - $2500.00
Hawk - $1500.00
Wolf - $1000.00
Turtle - $500.00
Coyote - $250.00
Raven - $125.00

Direct Sponsorship Opportunities

Direct sponsorship opportunities include the following categories. For more details and other opportunities call (708) 257-4300.

  • Head Drum
  • Invited Drums
  • Sound System
  • Storyteller
  • Golf Carts
  • Port-O-Let
  • Head Male Dancer
  • Head Female Dancer
  • Dancer Honorarium
  • Bird of Prey Exhibit
  • Children's Crafts
  • Electricity/Lighting
  • Volunteer Refreshments
  • Volunteer T Shirts
  • Saturday Evening Dinner
  • Saturday Evening Entertainment


Select your choice to donate to the general pow wow fund, for a specific sponsorship program level (Eagle,Bear, Hawk, etc.), or direct sponsorship opportunity.

Thank you for your donation.

Harvest Pow Wow at Naperville Settlement Harvest Pow Wow at Naperville Settlement

Naperville Pow Wow
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