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Midwest Soarring Harvest Pow Wow in the Chicago area
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Pow Wow Sponsorship


A Pow Wow is a family friendly Native American cultural gathering open to everyone. At our Pow Wow, visitors can experience the Native American culture through teachings, drumming, dancing, arts and crafts, cultural demonstrations, and native food. Highlights include a showcase of native artwork, an award winning native flute playing, special exhibition dances, a tipi display and Elm bark wigwam display, an exhibit of rehabbed birds of prey including Deshka the American Bald eagle. Other activities include raffles, storytelling, games, crafts and the opportunity to make an arrowhead!

Midwest SOARRING Foundation is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 Native American Organization. We are seeking sponsors, thus we are asking for your support. Download our Sponsorship packet. Our Sponsorship Package highlights a variety of ways you can help: sponsoring with a specific financial donation, or through direct sponsorship opportunities. Each sponsorship comes with specific benefits. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The Pow Wow’s average attendance is 6,000 people and includes guests not only from the local area, but from the greater Midwest and beyond. Our event is a great way to market your business and brand name.

Midwest SOARRING Foundation assists in repatriation, protection of sacred sites, environmental issues, and educating the public about Native American culture, important to our history and identity. We have shared our culture through events such as the Annual Chicago Flower and Garden show in 2000 where we won the top two awards, and Brookfield Zoo's Rhythm and Roots festivals, the first event at the zoo to highlight Native American culture.

We act as consultants to the Brookfield Zoo and have helped with the exhibit design of the new Great Bear Wilderness. Our foundation provides cultural presentations to numerous schools, park districts, and scout groups. During the holidays we help to provide propane to an emergency child care facility on the Pine Ridge reservation. We also distribute clothing, holiday gifts and food to many underprivileged families on several different reservations.

We continue to secure the future for bison, the indigenous symbol of survival, by supporting the bison herd Midwest SOARRING Foundation first started. In this way bison have been reintroduced into the Midwest region. We also have a garden at the Wolf Road Prairie in Westchester, Illinois where we grow sacred plants such as sweetgrass and sage for our plant program.

Our office and cultural center is located in Lockport, Illinois, which now provides a venue to share our rich culture through programs, lectures, teachings, and a garden of plants used for food, healing, and ceremony.

We ask that all sponsors also display posters and other Harvest Pow Wow promotional materials at their business location as appropriate.

We hope that we can count on your support, as this event helps to provide funding to continue our programs. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to call Joseph Standing Bear at 773-585-8613.

Joseph Standing Bear Schranz


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Harvest Pow Wow
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